Government of New Brunswick

February 17, 2017

FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick Women’s Council supports the government’s introduction of the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act in the provincial legislature yesterday. The Act, if passed, will integrate emergency intervention orders for individuals experiencing intimate partner violence into New Brunswick’s justice and public safety systems.

“Leaving a violent intimate relationship is often daunting and dangerous,” said council co-chair Jennifer Richard. “Emergency intervention orders are a concrete way to support survivors as they strive to keep themselves, and any children they may have, safe.”

As proposed under the Act, emergency intervention orders are temporary civil measures available in situations of intimate partner violence. They could serve to provide the applicant for the order with short-term remedies such as exclusive occupation of the home, temporary possession of personal property (including pets), custody of children, etc.. The orders could prevent the respondent from turning off utilities to the home or selling the home, retaining possession of firearms, contact with the applicant, etc.

 “Too often, fleeing violence means losing access to your home and your possessions, even your children – and under those conditions, women may not be able to leave,” said council co-chair Jody Dallaire. “Emergency intervention orders would help address those barriers to leaving violence by granting survivors explicit rights when they need them most.”

New Brunswick is one of only four Canadian jurisdictions that do not have domestic or intimate partner violence legislation that allows for such orders.

“Emergency intervention orders are an excellent example of institutions evolving to respond to the unique needs of survivors of gender-based violence,” said the council’s executive director, Beth Lyons. “We hope to see this Act adopted into law and for appropriate resources to be provided for it to be quickly integrated into the justice and public safety system.”

The New Brunswick Women’s Council is an independent public advisory body on women’s equality issues.


Media contact: Beth Lyons, Executive Director, New Brunswick Women’s Council 
[email protected] Tel. 506-462-5142